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Mike Lopez Note services can help you receive a LUMP SUM OF CASH for your mortgage note.  If you have sold a piece of property and are now receiving monthly payments, Mike Lopez note service works with investors who may be interested in purchasing all or part of the remainder of your note so that you can get a lump sum of cash.  Are you worried that your current buyer might not make their payments? Allow us to take your worries away!  We will get you cash for the note of a home, property or deed of trust that you own.

Mike Lopez note services works with note buyers who purchase deeds of trust, contract for deed, private mortgage, and land real estate contracts.  They will buy all or part of your note.

Have you ever considered selling your note?  We assist note holders in selling their note payments by referring them to note buyers who are interested in payments secured by real estate. You can count on us to work SMART to find note buyers that are interested in buying your note for cash.

Are you interested in receiving a cash offer for your note?   How much CASH do you need?  If your answer is yes! Read on.

All of our transactions are placed into escrow, so you will have peace of mind with Mike Lopez note service, in knowing that your note is secure. You are fully protected.  All we need is to ask you a few simple questions – Call us and have your NOTE available, so we can receive accurate information. This information is very important calculating the value of your note.

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Please contact us today to get started. Call toll free (800) 847-4440 or email us at mikelopez@mikelopeznoteservices.com.

Mike Lopez Note Services
Mike Lopez Note Services